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Our usual translation process includes these three steps:

1.- The translation is done by our team of professional translators, who are always a native in the target language, hold a bachelor in translation and with complementary studies in their field of specialization. This team is formed pursuant to the project manager’s criteria, choosing different language profiles depending on the nature of each translation. Traductores & Consultores Lingüísticos guarantees professionalism and efficiency, backed by our ample experience in translations.

2.- The translation is proofread by one or several specialized reviewers, who are always professionals and are never the same persons who have done the translation, to ensure a quality translation, our personal seal.

3.- The project manager performs several controls before and after the translation is completed, to check that it has been done pursuant to the guidelines set by the client and by our ISO 9001 and UKAS certified quality assurance system. These controls also provide a full guarantee of quality and compliance with the agreed deadline.


In this category, in addition to the above, a further review is performed by another reviewer, separate from the above reviewers, as a second quality filter, which provides an even further guarantee of quality. We recommend this format for the translation of very important documents, such as scientific publications, or documents with a high corporate image or high commercial, technical or financial value.

This category of translation entails approximately a 15% increase on the standard translation price.

Do not hesitate, if your project meets these criteria, ask for a no-obligation free estimate or contact us directly with any questions you may have.


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