We work with renowned companies from all types of industries: electrical, industrial, transport, engineering, construction, information and communication technologies, medicine and medical instruments, tourism, media and many others.

We are translators for the European Union Commission and we also translate for universities, hospitals, foundations, public institutions and administrations, as well as for different professionals such as lawyers, notary publics, patent services, etc.

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Feedback from some of our clients:

The translations are always evaluated and, until now, with very satisfactory results. They absolutely always adapt to our needs. Their response is immediate. Sometimes they have even advanced the delivery, given the urgency. It is a pleasure to work with Traductores TCL and communication with them is collaborative and flowing.

Carmen Revuelta (ASPLA)

Traductores TCL organises and carries out complex translation projects in incredible timeframes: the latest, containing 400,000 words, was organised in 3 days and finished in 12 days.

Pablo Robles (North Utilities Systems)

Thank you TCL, you certainly do a very professional and speedy job… a true luxury.

David Gómez (Isolux Corsan)

Their simultaneous interpreting, as well as written translations (projects, sales presentations, financial studies) faithfully fit our demands regarding quality and deadlines. We can vouch for their quality assurance, as in the case of interpretations we can see them going over the infrastructure details and documentation before the event.

 Francisco Vivó (E.ON Group)


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